How Will Data Shape the Multifamily Industry?

By Natalie DolceNational

Part 1 of 3

SAN FRANCISCO—In the first of a three-part series of questions on data and business intelligence,Justin Alanis, co-founder and CEO of Rentlytics Inc., tells that there are a few key ways that data will shape the future of the multifamily industry into the future.

According to Alanis, every company “will be forced to adopt a new, high tech approach to data or risk being outpaced by the competition.”

He also points out that tech companies will help even the playing field between private companies and REITs, Alanis notes, “by democratizing data and helping all operators make data driven decisions.”

In addition, he says, “small- to mid-size companies will be able to scale and grow more efficiently than ever before by fully automating their decision making processes and relying more and more on the power of computers and sophisticated algorithms to help guide their decisions.”

Check back with in the next day or so for part 2 of this exclusive Q&A, where we chat more about business intelligence, core benefits of BI, important aspects of a good BI strategy and more.

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